Brother a Danerys apologist? Fiancée a sucker for that first time Jim and Pam kiss? With Nostalgix, everyone you love can relive their favorite moments in fandom with the strike of a match. We’ve taken our favorite film and television moments and captured their essence in a collection of perfectly-packaged, great-smelling candles.

Our iconic scents are handcrafted by happy candlemakers in Appleton, Wisconsin. To ensure a perfect scent every time, all of our pop culture-inspired candles are made in small, fresh batches. We source ingredients from responsible, thoughtful vendors in our small business community.

We’re proud to offer a product that’s more than just a great gift. Our candles are made with soy, which means they last longer and burn cleaner. They are free of toxins, carcinogens and pollutants and are totally biodegradable. We also utilize only environmentally-friendly dyes and wicks.

Nostalgix is also happy to partner with Shatterproof in our joint fight to end addiction and offer resources to those affected by the disease. There’s not a person in this country who hasn’t been touched by addiction in some way, and we’re proud to contribute a portion of our proceeds to this necessary cause.

We’re confident you’ll love our punch-of-pop-culture candles, whether your Nostalgix purchase is an impulse buy, a last-minute holiday gift for a colleague, or that perfect little present for your significant other. Our candles have been designed to tap into that nostalgia for your favorite make-believe moments. So turn down the lights, grab that weighted blanket, and enjoy a fresh breath of fandom—no remote requiredl!

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