Nostalgix is proud to partner with Shatterproof, an organization committed to transforming America’s addiction treatment system.

Shatterproof’s key initiatives include boosting federal and state advocacy, improving public education, offering support to affected families, advancing affordable and effective treatment, creating a transparent provider rating system and changing the negative perceptions of addicts many healthcare providers share.

We know that there’s not a person in this country who hasn’t been affected by alcoholism or drug addiction in some way. While our candles are all about the fun of being a fan, we feel a real responsibility to ensure our products do good, too.

To learn more about how Shatterproof uses our donations, click here.

Would like to basically make it look like their about us page, and give people the option to donate right from the page with a call to action button similar to the one they have on this page. Let me know what else you need from me, thanks